Helping others succeed – globally.

Mahen Siritunga leads the Missions team, which helps people from different parts of the world.
The team also supports people and families who have left their homes and gone overseas and/or moved geographically to make a real difference in the lives of others.

Our support is not only financial, but the team also prays for the people and countries. We have released some of our own people to serve in other areas and countries to give practical support and/or teaching.

A quick look at who we support:

CARNARVON – West Australia.

davidsonLEFT: John & Jenny Davidson with their sons, Daniel and Matthew.

John & Jenny have been working amongst the aboriginal community for more than five years. They are reaching out to this community in a real and practical way with many families attending regular Sunday and other services.




Robbie Housen has been serving in Mozambique for more than eight years. Many churches have been planted in this time and a bible school led by leaders through these church plantings is now training more leaders for the future.

VICTORIA – Monash Community Care

Monash Community Care serves the communities around our church. With a foodbank service running each week we can help families who are struggling and in real need. Other needs are also met as we become aware of them. We help single mums and their young families with furniture and other goods. This often leads to helping them emotionally with counselling, prayer and personal support.
The Op Shop is located in Clayton and is another care arm of Monash Community Care. It is used as a tool to reach out into the community while also offering affordable clothing, furniture and bric-a-brac. It is run by a group of dedicated volunteers from the church and the community and is led by Max Tennison.

VICTORIA – Teen Challenge

This well-known ministry is working in the community helping those with addictions.

Drugs and alcohol ruin the lives of many people, and if not helped early enough, many youth and older people succumb to these addictions. Teen Challenge has an incredibly high success rate, having helped save the lives of hundreds of people. Many of those helped have gone to mentor at Teen Challenge helping others.

VICTORIA – Chaplaincy & local communities

Chaplaincy Australia is committed to support and care for people at their point of need. Our Chaplains serve in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, sporting clubs and the care arms of churches.
Chaplaincy also holds seminars on Life Care and Suicide Prevention, Grief and Loss – pathway to recovery, Chaplaincy in the community – bridging the gap, Relationship Building – effective communication and Anger to Forgiveness – restorative practice.

Monash Christian Church – Really helping others to succeed – Globally.